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Rent Trailers to:


  • Ramp up for seasonal or unexpected peak volume.

  • Keep rental trailers only as long as you need them.

  • Save money on over-the-road dry van.

  • Locate rental trailers easily when you’re ready to return them.

  • Ensure compliance with government regulations.

  • Keep current with regulation changes without having to invest your capital.

  • Access the largest inventory of new trailers.

  • Explore the newest trailer specs and the latest technologies designed for fuel savings, resistance to damage and low maintenance cost.

  • Compensate for trailer shortages and avoid large cash outlays.

  • Enable quick and temporary fleet growth by renting, rather than buying, trailers.

  • Add a nationwide trailer network to your supply chain.

  • Rent trailers from any of our convenient U.S. branches.

  • Respond to emergencies.

  • Keep your fleet moving even when disaster strikes.

But don't just read about them; experience the benefits for yourself!
Contact us for trailer rates, terms and availability from an ITS location near you.

​Renting Advantages:​ Satisfy peak business demands with quality rental trailers. Only International Trailer Services offers trailer rental options that give you the flexibility your fleet needs and your customers demand.

​Rental spaces are available. Please call for additional information!

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