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Excess inventory cramping your style?

Most companies know us for our over-the-road trailers. But we also offer a large selection of quality storage trailers for rent, lease or purchase at each of our branches.

Satisfy peak storage requirements easily and inexpensively.
Only after a successful career on the road do select ITS dry vans earn the right to become ITS storage trailers. Our storage vans are a cost-effective alternative to expensive warehouse rent, offering you storage space when and where you need it most. No more traveling to and from the warehouse! 

Our storage vans provide a clean, dry, secure, on-site warehouse environment for your product, featuring:

  • Durable hardwood floors

  • Water-tight aluminum roofs

  • 53' lengths 

  • 102" widths

  • Swing- or roll-up doors

  • and more!

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