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International Trailer Services, LLC. has the internal resources to repair any dry vans manufactured (or formerly manufactured) in America. We can literally take a dry van and rebuild it from the bottom up.


All of our mechanics are thoroughly knowledgeable in safety requirements and all of our work is guaranteed. Whether it is as simple as fixing a light bulb or changing an entire axle, our mechanics can get your job done to your satisfaction.


We are also able to offer emergency road services during normal business hours any where in the San Diego greater metropolitan area. With a fleet of services trucks at your disposal, we are able to repair trailers at the site of the breakdown, eliminating downtime for our customers and our clients.


With the ability to provide roadside assistance, we also offer repairs services to many trucking companies. Once an account is established, we are very happy to provide some of our many repair services to customers who may not be leasing equipment from International Trailer Services, LLC.


For major repairs, we offer a complete line of services, including body, floor, axle and landing gear repairs and replacement. Having permits from the appropriate regulatory agencies, we are authorized to provide painting services.

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